shots from the "WAYBACK MACHINE"

"Petrus" jazz trio - Ted Moore d., GJ b., Phil Markowitz p. c.1973 students at Eastman.
We played Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center that year for the Newport Jazz Festival, after winning a competition.
photo by Lou Ouzer

Believe it or not, Chuck Mangione conducting the Eastman Jazz Ensemble, probably 1968.
Bill Reichenbach, trombone, Fred Lewis & Gerry Niewood, flutes, Alex Brinkman, bass.
photo by Lou Ouzer

Stan Getz at Eastman '74 w/ Gene Bertoncini g., Ted Moore d., GJ b.
photo by Lou Ouzer

Here's picture I took of Dexter Gordon in Montreux Switzerland, '77,
while part of the CBS Montreux Summit concert & recording.

This picture I call "Eighties File Sharing"

One of my all time favorite "road" photos. The George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band in Switzerland 1980.
We stopped for lunch and had a lot of beer, AND there was no toilet on the bus.

Traveling Bass Players, do you remember these days? Half-price seat on the plane for the bass!

The Chuck Mangione Band at Paul Masson Vineyard '86.
Chris Vadala ww., Mark Manetta g., Rob Mathes kbd., CM flg.,
Billy Martin perc. (of MMW) GJ b., Joe Bonadio d.(a lotta talent there!)

Chris Lomheim's "And You've Been Waiting" trio session, '94, @ Wild Sound Recording Studio.
GJ & Jay Epstein d., Chris Lomheim p. & Matthew Zimmerman eng.

photo by Paul Winger

New Year's Eve at D'Amico Cucina! J.T.Bates d. GJ, Benny Weinbeck p.
SWINGIN' like MAD! Come on Benny, where's your hat?
photo Sasha Zukanoff

What a wonderful experience to have played with the great Dewey Redman
photo Howard Gitelson

Hot Summer Jazz Festival 06, with Jon Weber, piano & Jerry Weldon, sax. BURNING!!!

Minnesota State Fair Orchestra Bass Section 8/27/2006 (Amy Grant Show)
GJ, Gary Raynor, Jennifer Ruben, Greg Hippen

the Mary Jane Alm Band '07; GJ b., Boyd Lee g.v., MJA v., Scooter Nelson d.v., Brian C Peters g.

breakfast at Lucio Rizzo's B&B - Ogliastro Centro, Italy 7/06

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